Karazhan Run – Chapter 2: Moroes [Tower Steward]

The continuing short series of the World of Warcraft Karazhan Run.. this video brings us chapter 2 which takes place in the Grand Ballroom and Banquet Hall.. main boss is Moroes.

Video capped by Netius (www.netius.co.uk)
Edited by PPN

Songs are by Ayreon on the The Final Experiment cd and include:
Act I “The Dawning”: The Awareness: a) Premonition
The Accusation
Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy 2 (bonus disk)
Act II “King Arthur’s Court”: Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
Act IV “Merlin’s Will and Ayreons Fate”: Swan Song

Remember, this is a gameplay / fan video and should be treated as such.

We do hope you like it and leave us some comments and good ratings.


(editor’s note: This video was hit by the YouTube police and as such may be messed up.. We will do a new remix of it at some point in the future.)