BulbaCast Season 2 – Episode 21: DP GTS, PBR, e4, QotW

This week’s Topics include: Question of the week, Question of the week was; We have a 2 part question this week, 1. Game Question: What is your opinion on EV training and the people who use it to gain an advantage in the game. 2. Anime Question: What are your thoughts about the few times that Team Rocket has done good things. Do you like it, hate it, absolutely love it, with they’d do it more, or wish that what they did in Movie 2 never happened? Discussions on Diamond and Pearl GTS (Global Trade Station) abuse, Elite 4 in the latest anime, US PBR video release, listener callins, as well as answering listener questions. Special Guest: PikachuTrainer. Pokemon fan speculations, and much more…

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