BulbaCast Season 2 - 27 - BulbaCast Season 2 - ep27 - Call-in Show

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BubaCast Speakers for Episode 27 include: PPN Steve - PPN Studio, Satoshi-kun - #Bulbagarden Admin, TSS_Killer - #pocketmonsters, and FullMasta - #pocketmonsters regular. This week's call in Speakers include Vagabond_Aeon - Bulbagarden regular and Bluntasaur - #bulbagarden regular. Topics include: Question of the week, Question of the week was; We have a 2 part question this week, 1. Game Question: What other customization options did you think should have been included in PBR? 2. Anime Question: What do you think of the filler episodes so far in the DP anime? This week we have listener call ins, answering your pressing questions, as well as random fan talk, and much more...

Submitted by PPNSteve on Sat, 07/28/2007 - 18:37.