PPN Offline - Update

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Nothing new to report.. It seems PUSA has decided to attack, and try to shut down Pokemon Fan sites.. PPN included. We need your help to tell everyone about this attack on our rights and the availablity of information. Please contact PUSA and complain or you may soon see NO Fansites anywhere online..

Thanks for supporting PPN and all fansites everywhere and we'll try to keep you updated as often as we can on whats going on..

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PPN Has Been Raided

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Latest Famitsu Scores - Crisis Core: FF VII, Fushigi no Dungeon 2 do well

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A small batch of new game scores this week, but three games over the 30 points mark, including one very significant title. That title is none other than Crisis Core, the long-awaited action RPG spinoff of Final Fantasy VII for PSP. It looks like Square Enix pulled it off - if you trust Famitsu's reviewers, that is. The game got three 9s and one 8, making for a total of 35/40. Not too shabby.

The latest Rogue-style Pocket Monsters title from Chunsoft was also awarded a 35/40. For reference, 2005's Mystery Dungeon games received the same total score. The third title to score over 30 is EA's Wii version of SSX (their snowboarding franchise), which is just now making its way to Japan after being released in North America back in February.

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Trade Your Ponyta for a Japanese Psyduck from Gamefreak Creators!

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Have you been enjoying Diamond and Pearl? Have you been trading Pocket Monsters with your friends? Great! But have you tried trading Pocket Monsters with people from around the world on the Global Trade Station (GTS)? Well, here's your chance to get a Pocket Monster straight from Japan! The name is in Japanese, the Pokédex is in Japanese, the Pokémon is truly from Japan! But it's not just from anyone in Japan…

Below are three Japanese Trainers who love this game as much as you! But they aren't just fans, they actually work at GAMEFREAK, inc. in Japan and created Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl! You might have heard of them…

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Diamond/Pearl Tops Current European Best Sellers Lists

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Nintendo DS titles Diamond and Pearl continue to reign supreme across Europe this week, taking the top two spots in Spain and Germany for a second consecutive week.

Nintendo and Sony platform titles continue to dominate the Spanish software chart. The top three remains unchanged from last week, while the PS2 platinum version of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 6 moves up one place to No4, knocking Big Brain Academy down one position.

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, Wii Play and the PSP version of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 all fall slightly, while WWW Smakckdown! Vs Raw re-enters the top ten at No7 and movie tie-in Ratatouille makes its chart debut at No8.

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New Content Writer!

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*Is still getting used to Word 2007* Analyses Kritketune- I know, its NU. But I like using NU Pokemon. And I have a shiny one. Gallade- For those who like OU Pokemon Milotic- One of my favorites Garchomp- A general favorite AR Codes None yet. But feel free to contact me at seanmp1@comcast.net. Request what you want (as in Pokemon), and I will give you the code. Oh, yeah, here's the Analysis page: http://www.ppnstudio.com/node/15

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Coming Soon PPN Studio v2

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PPN Studio, an new version of PPN is on the way.. We will spotlight all the news as you are used to on PPN in this all new format. As this site is new, we'll be adding features and content over the next few weeks. Eventually we'll have everything you'll need and more.. For now, we ask you to sign-up, so that when you return, you can post comments and/or your own content. In fact we'll be looking for reliable people to help us add content and write news stories, as well as provide editorials and the like. Contact us for more on this.

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