Media Create Japanese Sales for week ending February 26th

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New entries dominate Japanese top 20, but Vita entirely absent

A rash of new entries has dominated the Japanese top twenty this week, with the top six titles all newly released.Media Create

Once again, the PSP takes top spot with Namco Bandai's Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave, selling over 85,000 units to pip the newest Harvest Moon title, a 3DS exclusive, to the top of the chart.

Namco Bandai took third and fourth too, with a new PS3 Naruto title and I Have Few Friends Portable for PSP. Capcom's Asura's Wrath managed fifth, whilst Namco bracketed the new releases at the top of the chart with another PSP title, Nendoroid Generation, in sixth.

Hardware positions remained unchanged except for the 360 overtaking the PS2 after last week's resurgence for the ageing platform. 3DS is still the clear market leader for the territory, selling nearly three times as many units as nearest rival the PS3.

All figures are courtesy of Media Create, via Andriasang.

Japanese software chart February 20 - 26, 2012. Figures in brackets are lifetime sales

  1. [PSP]  Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave 85,309 New Entry
  2. [3DS]  Harvest Moon Hajimari no Daichi 81,131 New Entry
  3. [PS3]  Naruto Ultimate Storm Generation 65,758 New Entry
  4. [PSP]  I Have Few Friends Portable 56,969 New Entry
  5. [PS3]  Asura's Wrath 30,308 New Entry
  6. [PSP]  Nendoroid Generation 21,991 New Entry
  7. [3DS]  Super Mario 3D Land 21,400 (1,370,176)
  8. [3DS]  Mario Kart 7 20,744 (1,527,266)
  9. [3DS]  Monster Hunter 3G 17,841 (1,267,675)
  10. [PS3]  Idolmaster G4U Pack Vol.5 17,038
  11. [PS3]  Binary Domain 14,905 (88,589)
  12. [PSP]  Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5 Kazahanaki 12,630 New Entry
  13. [3DS]  Resident Evil Revelations 12,210 (244,116)
  14. [PS3]  Touch Shot! Love Application 11,077
  15. [3DS]  Theatrhytym Final Fantasy 10,786 (77,993)
  16. [PS3]  Gal Gun 9,002 New Entry
  17. [3DS]  New Love Plus 8,644 (113,613)
  18. [PSP]  Samurai Warriors 3Z Special 8,178 (25,303)
  19. [PSP]  Moujuuzukai to Oujisama Snow Bride Portable 8,044
  20. [PSP]  Suikoden 7,607 (83,086)

This week’s Media Create hardware chart holds few surprises as far as positions are concerned. The 3DS still rules the roost with 76,322 units sold during the last week while the PS3 received a slight boost in sales to secure second spot with a tally of 27,111 units.

The PSP continues to outsell the PS Vita which is understandable when you look at the Japanese release schedules for the two handhelds. Hopefully developer support for Sony’s new portable rapidly gains traction because the system needs a lot more quality games before it can begin to match the pace of the PSP during its first year on sale in Japan.

Japanese hardware chart, February 20 -26. Figures in brackets are last week's sales.

  1.  3DS: 76,322 (94,667)
  2.  PS3: 27,111 (21,993)
  3.  PSP: 15,928 (14,824)
  4.  PSV: 11,186 (12,309)
  5.  Wii: 7,878 (7,874)
  6.  X360: 1,508 (983)
  7.  PS2: 1,269 (1,433)
  8.  DSi LL: 977 (901)
  9.  DSi: 662 (656)

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